Now that the dust has settled and the years have passed, the true and horrifying story of Cooke and Moore can now be made public. Dropped behind enemy lines ,Corporal Cooke and Major Moore cut a swathe through war-torn Europe taking no brook but fording every stream and climbing every mountain.The rakishly handsome Cooke laughed in the face of death whilst Moore took it upon himself to make sure the enemy “got what was coming to them, by Jove”

   Because of the sensitivity of such a mission all photographic evidence,diaries,logs,blogs and tweets have been destroyed…burnt and buried and then dug up and burnt again just to make sure they were destroyed. Legend has it that Lord Aylesbury (or “Duckie” to his chums) personally oversaw the operation so that the work of Cooke and Moore during those dim dark days never ever saw the light of day again. So sensitive were the Allied Forces to this clandestine operation,  it is believed when Aylesbury died at the age of 108 he was burnt and buried and then dug up and burnt again just to make sure.



Robert Cooke was born in Hobart and lived on that city’s Eastern Shore. Richard Moore was born in Hobart and lived on the city’s Western Shore, . So already we have the East meets West  scenario that has formed many famous alliances through history..Napoleon meeting King Fararah Faucet on the Danube, Hannibal meeting Jane Austen at Northanger Abbey and John and Yoko getting married in Gibraltar,near Spain.



Bob and Richard met in October 1971 when Richard , a pimply youth in his first year of broadcasting ,met Bob, a seasoned, hardened professional of seven radio summers, at Hobarts radio station 7HO. It was Bob who taught Richard how to operate the panel, turntables and various buttons to make a half decent radio show. When their on-air shifts over-lapping they indulged in a little banter which eventually led them to join forces on television at Hobarts TVT-6 . Their first offering was a breakfast TV show in November 1977 which led to a morning weekend show “Saturday Morning Confusion”. This was primarily a childrens show but Cooke and Moore interspersed it with skits mainly for adults.In August of 1978 Vinnie and the V8’s were invented as a musical comedy sketch depicting  two Northern Suburbs men, Vincent Edward Vincent and Bruce Barry Brown.  who were still living in the 50’s rock and roll time-warp . (with their mothers!!) This led to the release of “Outside Coles on a Saturday Night” an endearing love song of misspent youth.

 Television also produced Knocker Knowles, the fading football star, Reg Simpleton the has-been actor and aspiring politician with his belligerent and disloyal man servant Rogers.

   In April 1980 Bob returned to 7HO and Richard started the first of many of his “retirements”. In July of 1980 Richard too was back at 7HO and he and Bob started the “banter –between-breaks” again. In 1982 the station decided to put Cooke and Moore together on the breakfast show. Given almost carte-blanche it was here that Mickey Finn, Tasmania’s biggest small business man and personal manager of Knocker Knowles emerged along with Howrah house wife Mavis Trump, Whimmo the Wonder Clown, .international cabaret artiste Matt Black  and Tassie Tasman, the R Rated Cowboy just to name a few. For the next 21 years Hobart woke up to Cooke and Moore although a few had woken up to them a long time before.

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